Rappahannock United Way

3310 Shannon Park Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22408    |    (540) 373-0041

A Commitment to the Community

Pictured Front row: Theresa Livelsberger, John Davenport, Dana Herlong. Back row: Joe Grzeika, Dan Hansen, Jarvis Bailey, Tom Cooper, Bill Mann, Maria Franklin, Berkley Mitchell, Sabrina Johnson, Charles Havasy, Ron Holmes, Dick Toye, Bonnie Martin, Bill Young, Kent Farmer, Tommy Lee, David Clare, Shawn Sloan, Craig Lewis.

“This is us helping us. We take care of our own here. Our dollars are working here. We make them go farther.” - Charles Havasy, former Rappahannock United Way Board Member

The RUW Heritage Circle is an exclusive circle of volunteers who have committed time, talents and treasure the the RUW Board of Directors over the years.  Within this circle we strive to continue to engage members with information, volunteer and advisory opportunities, and giving options.

If you have served as a member of the RUW Board of Directors and would like more information about Heritiage Circle activities, please contact Janel Donohue to re-connect.

2017 Heritage Circle Induction

RUW Heritage Circle 2017