Rappahannock United Way

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Focus Area: Health

$414,250 - 13 Programs - 11 Agencies

A healthy and happy community.

Rappahannock United Way is focused on creating a healthier community. We support programs that help individuals and families develop health habits, access health resources, and avoid risky behaviors. By reducing illness and injury, we hope to improve the quality of life in our area.

2018 Health Funding


Individuals will develop age-appropriate skills and habits to avoid risky behaviors for themselves and create safe communities.


Parents nurture a healthy beginning to life by utilizing prenatal, well-baby, and pediatric care.


Individuals achieve measurable change in behavior, situation, or knowledge as a result of RUW funded health programs.


Individuals will locate Mental Health providers and will receive encouragement and support to seek treatment.
Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse will receive counseling, support, housing, employment resources, advocacy, and safety.
Individuals will receive affordable counseling, child victims of abuse will receive Trauma-focused therapy.
Individuals with chronic illness will manage their condition through exercise and good health habits. Families will improve healthy behaviors.
Children in the court system are placed in safe, stable homes, receive court-ordered services, and learn life skills.

People experiencing homelessness will improve health and reduce hospitalizations.

Isolated Seniors will increase safety and lower depression risk through volunteer home visits and activities.

Providing agencies include: Rappahannock YMCA Special Needs, Rappahannock YMCA Therapeutic, MHAF Mental Health HelpLine, Rapp. Adult Activities Dental Health, Catholic Charities Family Services, Empowerhouse Education & Supports, Catholic Charities Family Services, Mental Health America Senior Visitors, Micah Residential Recovery Program, Rappahannock Court  Apptointed Special Advocates, RCASA Counseling and Prevention, and Stafford Junction Healthy Living Pays.

RUW Outcomes for Health:

  • Manage Risk Factors: Individuals and families manage the risk factors that contribute to chronic disease.
  • Avoid Risky Behaviors: Individuals will develop age appropriate skills and habits to avoid risky behaviors for themselves and create safe communities.


FamilyWize is a national program that seeks to reduce the costs of prescription medicines for those in need. Rappahannock United Way distributes free discount prescription cards to connect as many low income individuals as possible with the service FamilyWize provides. In March 2012, FamilyWize honored RUW with its Community Partnership Award.

Health Outcome Stories