Rappahannock United Way

3310 Shannon Park Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22408    |    (540) 373-0041

RUW helps children start school ready to learn, earn their high school diploma, and pursue a higher education that leads to a stable job.
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RUW empowers people to become financially stable through job training and financial coaching.
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Our goal is to build a stronger community through healthy eating, physical activity, and access to quality healthcare.
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Stories of Impact

Changing our community one story at a time.

Dreams become reality during 3-day Blitz Build

Amanda Hobbs hopes she hasn’t cheated herself. She wanted to wait until her new house was finished before she drove into her driveway for the very first time, but she was so excited she just couldn’t hold off. “Every Friday we drive out there,” said Hobbs, describing the construction site where her home is…

Exercise is Now a Walk in the Park for Local Mom

Laura Ruiz is done making excuses. “My kids always wanted to go to the park and I said no,” stated Ruiz, who lives in Stafford’s Foxwood Village with her husband Olegario and four children. “It’s too far. It’s too hot. Or, it’s too…


Community Results

See the incredible results of Rappahannock United Way's work in the community.
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The United Way ALICE Report is will assess the state of Asset Limited, Income Constrained Employed Individuals.
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Help us support the community in education, income, and health.
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I give to Rappahannock United Way because I have a 3 year old daughter with cerebral palsy and there are many United Way services we benefit from.


I usually use my refund to keep my car going. Sometimes car repairs are a lot more than what you make on a check.


I truly love giving to Rappahannock United Way because of the great things they do for the people in our community.


There are so many people in our community struggling to get by. Helping them avoid tax preparation fees and getting the biggest refund can have a major impact in their lives. 


“Volunteering at Rappahannock United Way is important to me because I want our whole community to thrive!”